Making A Home

Lucy Reyes Personal Stories

I moved to Texarkana from out of state in 2015 and struggled for over a year to convince myself that this was now my home.  I planted flowers in my front yard and made connections with my neighbors, but did not feel rooted to this community.  One of my goals after the presidential election was to make connections with more people and to find a way to feel invested in this area.  I found Equality Texarkana on Facebook and read about the goals and philosophy this organization strives to espouse.  I asked how I could get involved and reached out to several members personally to meet them and learn more about what they are working toward in Texarkana. After meeting them and hearing their stories and motivations to be a part of Equality Texarkana, I knew I was taking the right steps to make Texarkana my home.  It was the first time in nearly a year and a half that I felt this is where I am meant to be.

As a heterosexual Caucasian, I know that I carry with me a form of privilege that is unattainable to most members of minority groups.  My goal as a member of Equality Texarkana is to use that privilege to facilitate progress and change in our society. I do this for my children so that their home will be a welcoming, loving place where they can be themselves without fear of hate, prejudice, and judgment.  That’s why I have pledged to use my voice, abilities, and status to fight discrimination, shine a light on injustice and build bridges across the divides of race, religion, sexual orientation and gender.