Amber Clayton

Events National Coming Out Day

It’s been about 3 months since I told my husband I was Bi-sexual. His reaction was perfect, he had always suspected, but felt I would come to him in my own time. I had always suspected, too, but was scared to admit it. It’s hard to shake the lingering thought that those you come out to will think you’re being too mainstream, doing it because “it’s the cool thing to do”. But, I needed to be true to myself, to accept myself. And, that started with him.

Next, I subtly (not so subtly) started coming out to my co-workers. I hadn’t known them for very long, it was not as nerve wracking, though just a select few know.

Nothing has changed. I’m still me, still the woman I’ve always been, just a bit more free. Now, if only I can get over my fear of coming out to my husband’s family….