Shanna Stroup

Events National Coming Out Day

As a bisexual, it seems that I had to come out over and over my whole life. You finally get weary, and to a point that you just want to let go of the responsibility of “representing” for bisexual identity, and just let people think what they want. There is so much stigma and prejudice still unique to bisexuals. I guess I’m just getting tired of explaining things to people. It would be most helpful if people could just remember that a bisexual person is still bisexual, whether in a same sex relationship or in an opposite sex relationship. Our sexuality does not change depending on the sex of our partner. I feel we are underrepresented, when it comes to LGBTQ issues and news. And bisexual erasure is still a problem in our community. Much progress has been made, but it has taken a long time, and it sometimes feels like we take one step forward and two steps back as a society regarding LGBTQ issues in general, and bisexual issues in particular.