Ethics Clause

PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY Core Principle as members/volunteers of Equality Texarkana, we are responsible for adding value to Equality Texarkana and contributing to the ethical success of this organization. We accept professional responsibility for our individual decisions and actions. We are also advocates for Equality Texarkana by engaging in activities that enhance its credibility and value.



  • To build respect, credibility and strategic importance for Equality within our organization, the business community, and the communities in which we work.  
  • To assist Equality Texarkana in achieving its objectives and goals.  
  • To inform and educate the community we serve and the general public about Equality Issues.
  • To encourage professional decision-making and responsibility.  
  • To encourage social responsibility.



  1. Adhere to the highest standards of ethical and professional behavior.
  2. Comply with the law.
  3. Work consistent with the values of the profession.
  4. Strive to achieve the highest levels of equality, performance and social responsibility.
  5. Advocate openly and within the established forums for debate in order to influence decision-making and results.
  6. Uphold the values, missions, and standards of Equality Texarkana especially when acting on behalf of the organization.
  7. Uphold confidentiality and status of guests, members, and donors if requested.

If a member/volunteer fails to comply with the ethics clause, the board will review and handle appropriately.