What I Wish You Knew

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I am a daughter of Texarkana, born and raised. A shy, bookish kid, I spent most of my time reading, or socializing with my small circle of friends. I hardly ever drank, I didn’t do … Read More

We Are Not Alone

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As long as I can remember, I’ve been “that person.” You know – the one you call for a ride when you’re wasted. The one who actually shows up to help you move. The one … Read More

Equality: Does It Really Exist

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By Billy Brown      After 40 plus years of life I cannot even answer that question for myself. This is my perception on the theory called Equality and mine alone.  Growing up in the … Read More

Making A Home

Lucy ReyesPersonal Stories

I moved to Texarkana from out of state in 2015 and struggled for over a year to convince myself that this was now my home.  I planted flowers in my front yard and made connections … Read More

Why I Joined Equality Texarkana

Andrew NicholsonPersonal Stories

Growing up, I was always taller than the other kids in school. By the time I was in third grade, I was taller than my teachers. People often assume that being 6’4” in middle school … Read More

The Loss of Humanity

Mark VaughanPersonal Stories

Once upon a time, there was a young gay man growing up in the wilds of Arkansas. After years of careful observation, this young man had found a group of other gays and lesbians living … Read More

This Has To Stop

Levi WilderPersonal Stories

The biggest issues for me growing up was escapism, avoidance, and denial. Yet those very things were my greatest coping mechanisms. They kept me from outing myself when I was not ready to be. They … Read More