About Equality Texarkana


Equality Texarkana is the preeminent non-profit organization in the greater Texarkana area dedicated to equality. We exist to be advocates and defenders of the LGBTQ community and to stand up for anyone who is affected by inequality. With the help of allies, we strive to foster a sense of community and unity among all people through public events, education, and mental health services. Members of Equality Texarkana are committed to living a life based on respect, tolerance, and acceptance of others no matter their ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, or political affiliation. All are welcome!

Our Story

Equality Texarkana began very simply trying to stop the backlash that was occurring after the defeat of prop M-130, an anti-discrimination ordinance for Texarkana, Ark. The LGBT community was looking for someone to blame and began disparaging the work done by those involved in trying to save M-130. Jimmy Pope was sitting at home looking through Facebook seeing the negativity being spread and decided he had enough! He started the Facebook Group Equality Texarkana to offer a positive platform for the LGBT community to grow stronger and to support one another. Shortly after the group started, we decided what Texarkana needed was a Pride Event to draw everyone together. A group of people gathered together one afternoon to plan a picnic and they discovered that they wanted more for the area. Weekly meetings took place preparing for the picnic and more people began joining the cause. It was getting closer to the picnic and the people involved decided we wanted more and as the discussion went on we decided an outreach center and community center for the LGBT community was what we wanted. Equality Texarkana has taken on a life of its own, supported by a dedicated group of people looking for the best for the LGBT community!