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Levi Wilder

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I was born here in Texarkana at Wadley Hospital. My parents divorced when I and my twin were 4 years of age. We stayed with our mother who moved around throughout the years seeking job opportunities. But certain weeks, holidays, and during summer breaks we grew up in Texarkana. This has given me a unique perspective of my hometown since I have lived here “part-time” with my father who is a blue-collar worker and a man of the church.

I tried living with my father for a time and went to both Liberty-Eylau Middle School and then NAI Christian School. Later, I lived with my father again at 17 years of age and graduated from Liberty-Eylau High School at 18 in 2005. I went to UCA in Conway for 2 years before moving back to Texarkana. I’ve taken more courses out at Texarkana College. For a time I worked at the Oaklawn Post Office. I graduated from A Touch for Health School of Massage Therapy and have since been trying to make my living here as a Licensed Massage Therapist with licenses in both Texas and Arkansas. I am 29 years of age now. I live with my fiancé, Andrew Nicholson, in our own house on the Arkansas side.

Make no mistake, I have misgivings with my hometown. However, I still care about it. I want it to keep changing for the better. So I am making my voice part of an organization which will hopefully remove fear, ignorance, and hate.  And give this town patience, understanding, and love.