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Roslyn Price

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Hello, my name is Roslyn R.Price and I am a proud board member of Equality Texarkana. A little about me, I earned my bachelor of science degree in English, with a minor in History from Texas A&M University-Texarkana. I earned my master of science in psychology, with a specialization in industrial organizational psychology (I-O psychology) from Capella University. I am now a doctoral candidate at the same university, awaiting approvals for my dissertation in the study of the work-life experiences of African American, single mothers. Once my dissertation has been defended and approved by all I will have earned my Ph.D. in I-O psychology, with a concentration in consultation.

My professional background rests in vocational and substance abuse counseling. I also have past experience working with local organizations and businesses, which called for me to fundraise, negotiate contracts, write standard operating procedures, and act as the liaison between the organizations/businesses and other entities of the same vein.

I am a lifelong resident of Texarkana, Arkansas and I am the mother of one daughter and a mischievous, salt and pepper, schnauzer, who goes by the name of Miles Davis. Also, if you are thinking it or have not made the connection, he was named after the great jazz trumpeter of the same name.  

The sum of who I am is I believe in love and equality. I teach my daughter the same values I embody and pray every citizen within this world holds and will hold one day, and that is “you are your brother’s and sister’s keeper.” Everyone deserves equal protections under the law. Everyone deserves the right to be themselves, without fear of retribution. Equality is not a luxury but should be an air tight right that no person, elected or not, can take away.